ProSolutions d.o.o. - Nehruova 91/60, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia


Company ProSolutions provides representation and consignment sales, consulting projecting and realisation of projects for the pharmaceutical and food industry, calibration and validation of equipment & systems, export & import services (handling, forwarding, customs clearance), domestic trade.

Special in the pharmaceutical industry: consulting, planning, projecting and execution of projects from delivery of single machines to turnkey plant - just select, validating of equipment and processes, calibration services, QA/QC-training.

Sometimes it is hard not to lose sight of the fact that not all achievements are measured in terms of contracts and profits, and at the time being we are big enough to offer complete care to our customers, yet small enough to still have enough time and patience for any of them.

So we are devoted to be service provider as an organization with people who can trust and rely on, who want to work with the customer in an open and collaborative way, primarily, focused on end-user satisfaction.

Since 2006, we are offering complete technical and commercial support, in Macedonia, over our daughter company ProSolutions Macedonia.

Also, with Partner Company, Apical d.o.o., we are offering complete support for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are offering a complete commissioning of QC / R&D laboratories, production processes, and assumption of latest GMP requirement.

Close the cycle of efficient trading, together!

Respectfully yours,